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What’s your plan to keep pace with technology?

Let Diamond Assets create a sustainable technology device plan that pays off.

A Sustainable Technology Plan that Delivers Value

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Diamond Assets helps your business, school, or government organizations by:

  • Creating elevated technology plans that account for the optimal cycles of device replacement
  • Buy back your Apple devices to help fund the next generation of tools
  • Responsibly recycle or upcycle devices, preventing e-waste and giving them another life to bridge the technology gap for others

You’re Only As Good As Your Tools

The pace of innovation never slows, and your technology must keep up.

A sustainable technology plan keeps your devices current and makes long-term financial sense, too.

Feel Good About the Partnership

Working with Diamond Assets is something you can feel good about.

Your Apple devices not only provide you money back in your budget, but also get responsibly upcycled to prevent e-waste and put second generation devices into hands of consumers or organizations who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

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We Make it Easy

No Hassle, No Mystery.

Diamond Assets makes the technology planning and buyback process simple and easy. We’ll provide a quote, pick up your Apple devices, upcycle or responsibly recycle them, and cut you a check. Our process and systems are completely transparent, so you always know what to expect.

Why Apple?

We focus on Apple devices because they are the best investment for our customers. Apple technology is known for providing unrivaled creation and collaboration tools, ease of use, and privacy and security. For these reasons, Apple devices deliver and hold their value.



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About Diamond Assets

Diamond Assets is the largest and most trusted Apple device buyback partner in the country. With former superintendents, IT department heads, and Apple representatives on our team, we are the best at understanding and solving your challenges through sustainable technology lifecycle planning. Our customers trust us to give them the best value for old devices and responsibly upcycle or recycle them.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us to learn more about how Diamond Assets can help you create a long-term, sustainable technology plan that keeps you current and pays you back.

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