Just yesterday, Apple announced its latest versions of iPad and iPad Air. The question is, is now the time to upgrade? The challenges of working and learning from home, let alone supporting end-users remotely are new to many of us, but the good news is you have an incredible opportunity to future-proof your environment by upgrading now. 

It all starts with an efficient, streamlined trade-in process.

Apple’s Latest iPads: What This Means for You. 


With the announcement of the iPad 8 and iPad Air, you have the opportunity to upgrade your organization’s old devices immediately as both new iPads are available to order today. 

Apple’s Newest iPad 8 For Education

With the release of iPadOS 14 taking place today, students and teachers will be able to take advantage of all of the new features available including: 

  • Scribble with handwriting recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Updated features in Notes
  • Improved Augmented Reality

Teachers and students who can access iPadOS 14 (iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, and newer) will enjoy these features and many more. 

Unfortunately, those with devices older than these will miss out on this opportunity.

Do you have a mix of iPads across your environment?

Learn how you can cost effectively unify on one type of iPad for an equitable experience for all of your students and staff.

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Apple’s Latest iPad Air For Business

Apple’s latest iPad Air allows you to stay more connected with your company—no matter the distance. Wi‑Fi and LTE capabilities give your enterprise the opportunity to join a video conference, host a FaceTime call, or collaborate in a group project with team members from virtually anywhere. Along with these features comes the next generation Apple Pencil for painting, illustrating, notes, etc, and the A14 Bionic, which unleashes new creative possibilities including photo editing, video creation, and more. 

Change is Constant—Keep Pace With The Right Technology.

There’s never been a better time to update your old devices. That’s where a tried and true buyback program comes in.

Our buyback program allows you to cash in on outdated devices, so you receive the best possible return.

Like any other asset, technology will lose value over time, but with a trusted buyback partner, you have the opportunity to upgrade your fleet and provide a better future for your organization. 

We’re Here to Help

Diamond Assets helps you ensure the best end-user experience. Among educators and business leaders, there’s a growing awareness that today’s technological needs must evolve to meet tomorrow’s reality. We know times are stressful and we’re here to help you. 

Ready yourself with a full-fledged financial sustainability plan that considers your unique environment. With our proven program that has worked for schools and businesses across the nation, Diamond Assets will help you maximize the value of your existing Apple products and align your budgetary efforts with long term buyback solutions. Advance your digital experience with newer devices when needed most—this is how we help. 

Streamline your technology upgrade process.

You deserve a better approach to selling old technology. Our industry-leading grading scale and long term sustainability solutions contain a life cycle management approach that ensures devices are refreshed at the right time. When it comes to best-in-class consultations: we want to talk with you, not for you. The Diamond Assets team is comprised of technology asset managers, former educators, school district administrators, and Apple veterans. We understand your unique challenges and go the extra mile to provide open consultations and explore an end-to-end buyback solution. Let us answer all of the questions or concerns you may have. 

Depend on a trusted partnership.

When it comes to a buyback program, you need a trusted partner with no hidden lawsuits, no inflated quotes, and no payment defaults. Diamond Assets prides itself on trust, integrity, and valuable service. Rest assured that your quotes will be honest and competitive. Best of all, we won’t rely on selling your old devices first in order to pay you.

Personalize services to meet your unique needs.

Does this buyback solution work for you? For your school, business, or community? We lead every buyback program with this question in mind. Eliminate the hassle in your buyback process with customized services. From your initial consultation to the pickup of old devices, experience a secure, best-in-class process that meets CDC guidelines. Diamond Assets makes getting rid of old devices swift, seamless, and contactless. We work with your organization, school, or business to create a personalized solution that leaves you with virtually nothing to do.  Whether you’re a smaller organization that wants mail-in services or a wide-scale institute that needs customized options for your 50k+ devices, we take the time to develop a valuable solution. 

 Empower Schools & Businesses With Refined Technology 

We’re here to help you navigate every Apple upgrade for years to come. Empower your students and employees with equitable technology—all while getting more for your Apple investments. Let’s discuss a buyback solution that works for you.

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Education Services

Diamond Assets helps schools of any size maximize the residual value of their Apple devices and creates technology life-cycle refresh plans that ensure the financial sustainability of digital learning programs.

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Diamond Assets develops custom solutions to fit the needs of small to large businesses nationwide. Our trade-up solutions provide enterprise customers a streamlined quoting process and a generous return on their investment.

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Diamond Assets works with government entities including local, state, and federal institutions to create trade-up programs that exceed regulatory compliance standards, and deliver transparent asset disposition and remarketing.

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