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Clarity is a partnership between Jamf and Diamond Assets.


Apple devices are some of the most innovative in the world, and hold their value better than competing technologies. Clarity creates a clearer picture of your existing Apple technology inventory and provides detailed information including an estimate for the best time to refresh each and every one of your Apple devices.

Clarity is the only tool available that enhances Jamf device inventory with valuable information about the age and value of an Apple fleet. Using Clarity, you append the following to iPad, Mac or iPhone device records in Jamf Pro:


Refresh Timeline Statement

OS Capability

Jamf admins can use Smart Groups and notifications to indicate the best time to refresh, which devices can be updated to the latest OS, and measure time from the original release date of your Apple equipment.

This data allows an admin to manage inventory in a way that supports sustainable multi-year technology plans.

With a simple and documented process, Jamf Admins will be able to accurately communicate device inventory with Diamond Assets to receive the most accurate refresh quotes possible. For organizations that have an on-going relationship with Diamond Assets, Clarity provides monthly inventory updates and provides a Jamf Pro compatible file for additional inventory to be attached to a device record. To complement Clarity, Diamond Assets provides industry standards forecasting and pricing model services for a complete partnership experience.


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Powering the Apple refresh directly in Jamf.

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