Daisy McConahay Joins Diamond Assets as Director of eCommerce

Experienced professional to manage eCommerce operations 

MILTON, Wis. (Aug. 29, 2022)Diamond Assets, one of the nation’s largest and most-trusted technology buyback partners serving schools, businesses, and government agencies, announced that it has hired Daisy McConahay as its Director of eCommerce. 

At Diamond Assets, McConahay will be responsible for managing and monitoring the company’s eCommerce operations, identifying strategies for efficient business planning, and developing marketing campaigns to various media platforms. 

“I’m excited to join such a forward-thinking company,” McConahay said. “Diamond Assets is focused on staying at the forefront of sustainability and technology, and those qualities align well with my professional outlook. I like being in a collaborative environment where everyone is working toward a common goal.” 

McConahay has more than 15 years of experience in the eCommerce market through a range of industries. She brings expertise in online marketplaces, eCommerce operations, and merchandise planning. 

She began her career with online retailer Zappos, where she led a project introducing her company’s products to the Amazon marketplace, resulting in more than $20 million in sales during its first quarter. Most recently, she led another company’s launch as it began selling pre-owned electronics direct to consumer through eBay and Amazon. 

“Daisy will ensure Diamond Assets introduces the right products to the right channels at the right time,” said Diamond McKenna, president of Diamond Assets. “We look forward to seeing how her vast experience in the eCommerce industry can contribute to helping companies upcycle their technology fleet with Diamond Assets.” 


Diamond Assets is one of the most trusted Apple technology buyback partners in the nation. Diamond Assets helps schools, businesses, and government agencies create sustainable plans that ensure equitable access to technology. Focused on transparent, reliable, and knowledgeable service, the Diamond Assets team helps customers develop sustainable technology plans, get the most value for their current Apple devices at their end of life to fund replacements, and feel secure that their devices have been responsibly upcycled or recycled. 

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