eBook Details Best Time for Schools to Refresh Technology

K-12 school districts that wait until summer months to refresh aging Edtech devices may be losing out on important buying power, according to a new eBook sponsored by Diamond Assets and Jamf.

The free eBook explores strategies that enable school districts to achieve the highest residual value possible for their current Edtech devices, which can be traded in to help buy down the next technology fleet. Topics include:

  • How refresh timing can influence the residual value of technology fleets
  • Alternative refresh timing strategies and their benefits
  • How to successfully and quickly refresh technology fleets during the school year
  • Strategies to make better technology purchases by looking at total cost of ownership
  • Methods to better predict future technology costs

“Many school districts wait until summer months to refresh technology fleets, but we’ve found that by planning a mid-year refresh schools can take advantage of higher residual values of their current devices, which in turn gives them greater buying power,” said Mike McKenna, president of Diamond Assets, the most trusted Apple trade-up partner for schools.

The technology refresh process has been streamlined to enable refreshes throughout the year, according to Jamf, the standard in Apple ecosystem management.

“Working with experienced buyback and device management partners is key to making the refresh process go smoothly,” said Dave Saltmarsh, education evangelist, Jamf. “This, coupled with a mobile device management solution like Jamf, makes deploying and managing new devices secure and streamlined.”

Powering the Apple refresh directly in Jamf.

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