Diamond Assets Debuts New Website, Logo

Updated website and brand better reflect story and service.

MILTON, Wis. (May 26, 2022) – Diamond Assets, one of the nation’s largest and most-trusted technology buyback partners serving businesses, schools, government agencies, and channel/leasing partners, recently debuted its redesigned website and branding which better reflect the organization’s commitment to exceptional service, adaptability, and sustainability in technology planning and upgrade cycles.

The company also has enhanced its marketing to create awareness of the growing need for technology lifecycle planning as a key component of comprehensive IT asset management plans. As part of the rebranding effort, Diamond Assets has unveiled a new tagline – “Lifecycle Through Upcycle” – that underscores the company’s dedication to technology sustainability. 

Diamond Assets was founded in 2014 to bridge the gap between technology recyclers and buyback companies. Specializing in technology sustainability consulting and Apple device buyback, Diamond Assets provides a solution that delivers a combination of value and exceptional service by working with clients to proactively plan technology replacement cycles and buy back current Apple devices that help fund technology upgrades.

Diamond Assets works with more than 10,000 school districts, businesses, and government agencies in the United States to help them keep up with the pace of innovation while managing technology budgets. Diamond Assets has a keen focus on providing equity and access to technology by providing device lifecycle consultation, and responsibly upcycling or recycling devices, putting technology in the hands of individuals and organizations who otherwise could not afford them while also minimizing e-waste. 

With a strong growth trajectory and enhanced interest in long-range technology planning across industries, Diamond Assets felt the time was right to launch an updated brand and website. The new logo is a modern adaptation of their brand, and the website tells the company’s story and values with compelling design and an intuitive user experience.

“This rebrand marks an evolution for Diamond Assets as we forge ahead to reshape the industry. Our new brand and website better reflect our impact, core values, and mission to provide a path to sustainable technology,” said Diamond McKenna, Diamond Assets CEO. “By helping organizations plan, manage, and maintain their technology, we also help them maintain their competitive edge. Our website makes it simple to understand that process and help them connect with us to get started.”

To tour the new site and for more information about the services provided by Diamond Assets, visit DiamondAssets.com.


Diamond Assets is one of the most-trusted Apple technology buyback partners in the nation. Diamond Assets helps schools, businesses, and government agencies create sustainable plans that ensure equitable access to technology. Focused on transparent, reliable, and knowledgeable service, the Diamond Assets team helps customers develop sustainable technology plans, get the most value for their current Apple devices at their end of life to fund replacements, and feel secure that their devices have been responsibly upcycled or recycled.

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