Diamond Assets Announces Partnership with Leading MDM firm Kandji

MILTON, Wis. (Feb. 20, 2024) – Diamond Assets, one of the nation’s largest and most-trusted Apple technology buyback partners serving schools, businesses, government agencies, and channel/leasing partners, announced a groundbreaking partnership with Kandji, a leading Apple mobile device management and security platform.

This collaboration empowers clients with real-time, precise information crucial for making informed decisions regarding their technology ecosystems.

The integration of Kandji’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system with Diamond Assets’ Clarity platform introduces a client-customized approach to technology management. Clients now have access to a comprehensive, real-time visual dashboard displaying vital information related to current device type, age, operating system, and compatibility. This integrated view of devices and real-time buyback value simplifies and accelerates upgrade planning, providing a faster, more accurate decision-making tool for clients.

“I couldn’t be more excited about what this partnership between two industry leaders and innovators is delivering to current and future customers,” said Kris Roesken, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Diamond Assets. “Kandji and Diamond Assets are aligned in mission and culture to bring the most customized solutions to the marketplace. This integrated interface between our platforms is just the beginning of our teamwork, and we look forward to driving further innovation and collaboration in the future.”

The portal goes beyond traditional trade-in values by offering insights into the environmental impact of potential buybacks. Clients can now evaluate the sustainability of their technology decisions with detailed information on device upcycling and landfill avoidance, aligning with Diamond Assets’ commitment to environmental responsibility.

This partnership offers unprecedented budget reliability and advance planning capabilities, empowering organizations to triage their technology needs and capabilities efficiently.

“Our collaboration with Diamond Assets marks a significant step forward in providing clients with unparalleled insights into their technology ecosystems,” said Nate Kleindorf, Kandji Global Apple Program Manager. “Through this partnership, we can continue to be outstanding partners to our clients.”

During an initial phase, Diamond Assets and Kandji will collaboratively refine their integrated platform based on valuable feedback from existing customers. The long-term strategic vision is to seamlessly transition into a comprehensive partnership upon the successful completion of the testing period.

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