District 62 Receives $1 Million from Tech Buyback Partner Diamond Assets

Community Consolidated School District 62 is proud to announce it was the recipient of funds that will go directly to support future technology needs.

The district received a check in the amount of $1,085,018 for its recent upcycling of the district’s older Apple technology from Diamond Assets, a trusted Apple technology sustainability partner. The funds will be reinvested in future technology needs to help ensure that students, teachers, and staff of District 62 remain with the highest-quality technology going forward.

In November 2021, Diamond Assets purchased more than 6,400 Apple products from District 62. Based on the number and condition of the technology products, the District earned more than one million dollars which will be reinvested in new technology.

Diamond Assets works with school districts, higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies to buyback their older technology and provide them with a long-term technology game plan to reinvest those funds into new technology.

“We are thrilled to accept this check on behalf of our students, teachers, and taxpayers of District 62,” said Dr. Paul E. Hertel, Superintendent of Schools. “We recognize that now, more than ever, ensuring our teachers and students can communicate and engage through the newest technology is critical. This buyback program allows us to continually enhance the learning environment for all in the district.”

“We had a great partner in Diamond Assets who worked with us in reviewing our technology and making an effort in helping us to plan long term as well as evaluating our technology and providing us a fair price in which we can further positively impact those within our District,” said Justin Heller, District 62 Technology Service Manager.

The Apple products collected from District 62 are securely data-wiped, sanitized and updated, as appropriate, and then resold – or upcycled – to other organizations or agencies. It provides considerable equity to other schools and organizations around the world which buy the newly upcycled products.

“The quality of the products from District 62 were very well cared for which allowed us to provide them over one million dollars through our buyback program,” said Tim Schigar, Director of Procurement for Diamond Assets. “Our mission is to provide schools with a path to sustainable technology and this school district is a perfect example of the priority they place on their students and their community.”

“Today’s event is a win-win for everyone,” said Diamond McKenna, President of Diamond Assets. “Both teachers and students need a constant stream of fresh technology in order to thrive, and there are individuals who can benefit from the newly upcycled products. Rather than worrying about what to do next with their equipment, we want educators to focus on what they do best: helping children learn. This is exactly what District 62 is doing.”


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