Find value in technology sustainability with direct Diamond Assets partnership

Keeping up with the pace of innovation requires building long-term, sustainable technology plans.

Even before the pandemic required many companies to flip to remote work seemingly overnight, there has been a growing need for technology lifecycle planning as a key component of comprehensive IT asset management plans.

As one of the largest and most-trusted Apple device buyback partners in the country, Diamond Assets has worked with more than 10,000 businesses, U.S. school districts, and government agencies to help them keep up with innovation and manage technology budgets at the same time.

Given Apple’s reputation for leading innovation in creation and collaboration tools, enhanced device features, ease-of-use, privacy and security, Apple devices are always in high demand. For these reasons, Apple devices deliver and hold their value. We focus on Apple devices because they are the best investment for our customers. Migration to Apple devices is clearly a trend, as written in this 2021 ComputerWorld article which noted that “iPhones accounted for 49% of business smartphones and iPads accounted for most tablets used in the marketplace.” More than half of surveyed IT leaders said requests for Apple devices have increased the past few years.

Technology sustainability also is a priority because it improves equity and access by responsibly upcycling or recycling devices – putting technology into the hands of individuals and organizations who otherwise could not afford them while also minimizing e-waste.

Our experienced team specializes in technology sustainability consulting, Apple device buyback, and creating solutions that deliver value. A key component of our direct service involves working with clients to proactively plan technology replacement cycles and buy back current Apple devices that help fund technology upgrades, keeping your devices – and employees – at the top of their game.

So how does it work? The process starts with that proactive plan.

Our team helps develop a plan that upgrades your devices and makes long-term financial sense. We’ll purchase your existing Apple devices, putting dollars back in your budget. Then, through our long-standing relationship with Apple, we’ll help identify the devices that best meet your needs and hold their value, building sustainability into your plan.

Depending on your device count, our team arrives at your site to pack and ship devices on your schedule – completely hassle free. If you prefer, we also offer mail-in services that include packing materials and prepaid shipping labels.

We’ll then audit and inspect the devices we receive to provide you the final asset value. Our client portal offers complete transparency throughout the process, allowing you to track steps along the way.

After that, you’ll receive a check that helps fund your next generation of devices. It’s that simple. You can also trust that as technology experts, security and privacy are top priorities. We adhere to the highest data security protocols, removing all data in compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) for secure data destruction.

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