Help your Apple clients afford new tech with Diamond Assets sustainability partnership 

Whether you are an Apple representative or a reseller of Apple devices, partnering with Diamond Assets can help your customers keep up with the pace of innovation. 

At Diamond Assets, we help businesses, schools, and government organizations fund refresh cycles through our Apple device buyback program. We are one the largest and most-trusted Apple device buyback partners in the country. 

Given Apple’s reputation for leading innovation in creation and collaboration tools, enhanced device features, ease-of-use, privacy and security, Apple devices are always in high demand. For these reasons, Apple devices deliver and hold their value. We focus only on Apple devices because they are the best investment for our customers. 

Diamond Assets has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for the Apple family. We have long-standing relationships with Apple Financial Services, Apple Retail, and Apple Enterprise. We’ve consistently delivered a great experience and provided a valuable service to representatives and their customers.  

A partnership with Diamond Assets is a win for everyone. Your customers get money back in their budgets to fund upgraded technology. Apple representatives provide customers with upgraded technology to meet their needs. We get the aged devices and fulfill our mission to put technology into the hands of individuals and organizations who otherwise couldn’t afford it while reducing e-waste. 

Providing excellent customer service is our top priority. We know our service reflects on you.  That means making the buyback process simple and seamless. We offer your customers customizable device retrieval logistics, from full-service on-site packing by our team to do-it-yourself mail-in options and everything in between. 

One of our largest reseller customers, a global technology company that focuses on business-to-business and information technology capabilities for enterprises, states: “Some of the things we value most about our partnership with Diamond Assets is our ability to generate sub-customer quotes very quickly in a format that easily integrates with our end-customer documents, our customized reporting we use for accounting allocations, and their willingness and flexibility in working large deals together.” 

We utilize several different operational models. We’ll work with you to design the process for your customers that makes the most financial sense and best fits their size and staffing. We can remain in the background or interface directly with your customers, depending on your preference.  

Our processes are transparent and easy to follow. Clarity, our client portal, offers easy, 24/7 access to view and share detailed status reports.  

We’d love to help your customers plan and fund their immediate and longer-term Apple device purchases. Contact us at 877-398-4266 or to learn more about how the Diamond Asset team can add value to your process. 

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