Resellers trust Diamond Assets to be an exceptional buyback partner

Resellers trust Diamond Assets to be an exceptional buyback partner.

Identifying an Apple buyback partner can help extend your organization’s value as a reseller and increase sales.

And Diamond Assets should be that partner.

We are the most-trusted Apple device buyback partner in the country and have worked with some of the largest corporate Apple resellers in the nation.

Our company has built a go-to reputation with three key factors in mind: flexible models, exceptional service, and transparency.

Using a variety of best practices across business models, we let you decide what’s best for your organization and customers. We can operate as a behind-the-scenes subcontractor for your IT asset disposition (ITAD) service or be introduced as your trusted buyback partner. Either way, Diamond Assets has the tools, templates, and processes in place to make it easy for you and seamless for your customer.

We’re committed to providing an exceptional experience for our customers – and yours. We pride ourselves on a hassle-free, efficient process and professional, friendly staff. When service matters, you can trust Diamond Assets to make you look good.

Once engaged with our services, you have access to Clarity, our client portal, that offers easy, 24/7 access to view and share detailed status reports.

The process starts like this: We connect with your customers to help them put money back in their budget to fund technology upgrades with you. Diamond Assets will provide you or your customer with a quote to buy back their current Apple devices to make room for new devices to purchase from you.

Next is determining asset retrieval logistics, and those services are fully customizable. We offer options from full-service, on-site packing by our team to DIY mail-in options and everything in between. We’ll work with you to design the best-fit process for your customer.

As part of that process, security and privacy are top priorities and we follow strict guidelines regarding privacy, chain of custody, erasure, and destruction of devices.

Whether through you or directly to your customer, Diamond Assets then confirms payments for their current devices, putting dollars back into their technology budget and paving the way for the purchase of new Apple devices from you.

As you can see, the benefits of a partnership like this are many. Customers gain access to a painless process that gets rid of their old devices and puts cash in their hands for upgrades. As the reseller, partnering with Diamond Assets paves the way for upgrades because customers have a sustainable technology plan in place and the cash for said upgrades.

We responsibly upcycle or recycle the devices, preventing e-waste and working to put second-generation technology into the hands of consumers and organizations who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Working together, we all win. Call us at 877-398-4266 or email so we can connect and get started on a plan for your organization.

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