Looming recession has companies and schools rethinking technology budgets

Corporations and school district across the country are facing potential stagflation in the economy as inflation reaches a 40-year high and margins are under tight pressure. Organizations are expected to be more cost-conscious than ever, and there may be no aspect of budget planning more critical than ever: technology.

While the economy wavers, technology will not get cheaper but will continue to be essential to operations. Inflation concerns and overall cost are incentives to deploy technology faster.

Companies and schools that do not invest today are at an accelerated risk of losing money and being left behind if they don’t upgrade their technology now.

So how can your school or company build a sustainable technology plan and make the right decisions in each step in the process? Knowing you want to put money back into your budget, how do you keep the best technology in the hands of your students and employees?

That is where the experts at Diamond Assets can help.

As one of the largest and most-trusted Apple device buyback partners in the country, we help schools and corporations invest in the best technology and forecast the residual value at the end of a device’s life. In our current economy, it is important to have long-term spending plans and ways to predict your return on investment.

Not only do you have the benefit of time on your side if you plan now, you also have existing capital in the form of trade-in value from your existing fleet. That has the potential to significantly change the dynamics of your next purchase as prices are predicted to continue rising.

As a potential recession looms, you should think about your technology as an ongoing investment that has the potential for a decent return. Technology is more risk adverse than other investments, but it shouldn’t necessarily be. You should think of technology as something that is vital to the success of a growing company and maintains a level of excellence in your educational institution. It should be considered a tactic to help navigate changing market conditions and provide a return on investment, rather than an area where cuts should be made.

As you consider your organization’s technology expenditures, Diamond Assets can help your school district or corporation execute economical plans that deliver value.

For more information about how Diamond Assets can assist your organization in long-term technology planning, contact upcycle@diamondassets.com.

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