where to sell used apple laptops, tablets and other apple devices?

It’s not enough to have the right technology today – you must have a plan for tomorrow as well. New tools, resources, and capabilities are introduced all the time. A sustainable technology plan allows you to purchase the right devices, sell them at the optimal point in their useful life, and reinvest those funds into the next generation.

So how can your school or district build a sustainable technology plan and gain insight on the right decisions at each step in the process that can put significant money back into your budget and keep the best technology in the hands of your students, teachers, and administrators?

We recognize when it comes to technology and your budget, there are many constituents you need to keep in mind from boards of directors to taxpayers to families to teachers’ unions to administrative staff to students and families.

As one of the largest and most-trusted Apple device buyback partners in the country, we help schools and districts thoughtfully invest in the best classroom technology and build sustainability for upgrades into their plans by forecasting residual value at the end of device life.

With almost a decade of service to schools under our belt, and our team staffed with former superintendents, IT department heads, and Apple representatives, we are the best at understanding and solving your challenges through sustainable technology lifecycle planning. Our customers trust us to give them the best value for old devices and responsibly upcycle or recycle them.

As you look to partner with a technology partner, keep these considerations in mind and ask these questions for a relationship that works for you.

  • Garner a quote. Does/can your partner provide you a quote to purchase your existing technology equipment and will they stand by it? At Diamond Assets, we only work with Apple devices and have a depth of experience in understanding the worth of those products. We stand by our quotes so there’s never any surprises.
  • Expect transparency. How do we know where we are in your process? The one thing you don’t need is smoke and mirrors when it comes to a process with which you may be unfamiliar. We provide a confidential and comprehensive customer portal for our clients so they know, at all times, where their devices are, their confirmed value, and most importantly, when you can expect payment.
  • Ensure security. Can you share your security protocols? Security of your information should be the top priority for any partner. At Diamond Assets we take security extremely seriously and erase data on all devices to the highest Apple erasure protocols. We use White Canyon™ software, which is approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) for secure data destruction.
  • Confirm timeliness. When can we expect payment? There’s nothing worse than starting a process to update technology only to be left hanging for the efficiency of payment. We pride ourselves on quickly processing your devices and providing payment to you. In fact, on average, our clients receive payment within 60 days of collecting the devices.

If you are unfamiliar with selling your current devices to fund upgrades, here’s insight on how our process works for our school partners:

Step 1: We gain insight on the type of products (tablets, MacBooks) you want to sell, the model/ages of the devices and quantity of devices.

Step 2: Our team will arrive to pack up and collect your devices on your schedule. You don’t have to do a thing!

Step 3: We’ll review and confirm the devices we receive, then responsibly upcycle or recycle them. You’ll have complete transparency during the process through our client portal so there’s never a question about what to expect next.

Step 4: You’ll receive a check for your devices. Our team can even help you plan for your next cycle of technology upgrades!

Ready to get started?

Call us at 877-398-4266 or email us at upcycle@diamondassets.com or request an online quote here.

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