Diamond Assets Provides Strategy Insight as Education World Awaits Apple’s Fall Announcements

As speculation grows that Apple will announce a more affordable, education-friendly iPad during its highly anticipated September and October announcements, Diamond Assets is prepared to offer strategic advice and support for school districts hoping to cash in, and take advantage of, the improvements.

Apple’s fall announcements have significant importance in tech, as well as in education, as school districts look at these announcements to see if waiting – or acting – on their tech purchases will give teaching and learning benefits and bring a greater return on their current devices.

At Diamond Assets, we are watching closely to provide the best advice to our clients on the value of their current Apple devices and strategize on how they can get the most out of their iPad leases, Apple Care, and future returns. Following is more insight into how we’re  presently advising our current clients:

1. A School Year Refresh is Possible — and Smart – if You Want a Greater Return on Your Devices

Typically, school districts will do their technology refreshes in the summer to allow more time and manpower to take on these complicated jobs. However, they don’t have to do this. Diamond Assetscan help districts with unboxing, asset tagging, provisioning, and setting up the deployment more quickly and efficiently.

By doing a refresh during the school year, districts stand to receive a greater return on their old devices because of market demand. Consider this: If every school district does their refresh in the summer, the market is flooded with used devices. By waiting until after Apple’s announcement but before the 2023 calendar year ends, school districts stand to receive a savvy and strategic return to help fund new devices.

Learn more about how Diamond Assets can accomplish a two-week turnaround in collecting and deploying a school district’s Apple devices.

2. Time is money and timing is key.

Apple’s fall announcements serve as key moments for introducing new products, technologies, and software updates, while also shaping consumer expectations, and driving industry and market trends. The older the device, the less it is worth. But timing is essential, especially with a pending announcement. For example:

  • If you trade in your device today, it will  have more value than in January 2024. Supply and demand will dictate the amount you’ll get for the device.
  • If you trade in your device in late-spring or summer of 2024, that device could be worth substantially less because of its age and/or the increased number of used devices flooding into the market.
  • Consider a mid-year refresh. We want to optimize performance with the best Apple products on the market, while guiding our districts toward a higher return on older devices.

3. Strategic partnerships provide a return – and give peace of mind.

Many Diamond Assets employees come from school districts and have been in the trenches of trading in technology, maximizing performance and returns, and guaranteeing quality educational experiences for staff and students.

We understand the challenges that school districts are trying to navigate. Diamond Assets serves as a partner to lessen the burden and support school districts with strategy, long-term planning, unboxing, asset tagging, provisioning, and deployment.

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential for school districts aiming to provide the best learning experiences for their students. A potential announcement about more affordable iPads is a game changer that should not be overlooked. As the school year begins and the calendar year inches to a close, school districts have a unique opportunity to reevaluate their technology purchasing decisions, and Diamond Assets is here as a trusted partner.

Contact us at Diamond Assets to learn more about how our team of experts can help your school district get a return on future investments.

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