Tustin Unified School District Makes Tech Work to Its advantage

Utilizing one-to-one technology isn’t a new concept for the Tustin (CA) Unified School District. But making it work to their advantage is.

With 23,000 students encompassing over 29 schools, supporting updated technology is a significant investment. As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. David Smith, approached the end of the district’s first five-year phase with one-to-one technology, David began to realize the substantial value he would leave on the table if he didn’t attempt to recover some of that initial investment. 

Dr. Smith recognized buyback programs out there, and Tustin could swap in their old devices in exchange for credit toward the next purchase. Then there were bulk recycling programs that paid out based on device weight, but he knew the district could do better. Those options left money behind – cash that they could be using to ensure their students had innovative technology moving forward.  

He was then introduced to Diamond Assets. Diamond Assets had the expertise to help Tustin work within the constraints of the bond they used to purchase their initial technology fleet, which stipulated how proceeds could be allocated. They also have industry contacts and insights that Tustin simply doesn’t have as a local school district. 

Now, as a Diamond Assets client, Tustin leaders get regular emails that outline their buyback value. Along with notes about industry trends and new product launches, this gives them the information they need to best plan for ongoing technology purchases. They can time their buyback to capitalize on their investment and have the maximum cash possible to apply to their next purchase.  “

The insights Diamond Assets provides is both valuable and timely in Tustin’s efforts to ensure that each student in their district has access to the technology they’ll need for learning now and in the future. 

David Smith of Tustin Unified School District

The ongoing communication from Diamond Assets is critical for our forward-planning strategy.

David D. Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Tustin Unified School District

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