Why You Should Plan for Summer Technology Upgrades

When the bell rings and the hallways are empty, Diamond Assets can swoop into your school, purchase your technology, give you the cash to fund new devices, and set them up. Sleepy hallways are the perfect time for new hard drives.  

School districts can maximize the slow summer months and use it to their advantage when making significant changes to devices and technology.

This is why you should plan for summer technology upgrades:

Minimal Disruptions

When students and teachers are on summer break, and fewer staff are working in the summer, you can upgrade your devices with minimal disruptions to daily operations.

Instead of going from classroom to classroom to collect, tag, and implement new devices during the school year, summer provides districts the time to implement new technologies and upgrades, install them, and do any needed training while avoiding last-minute rushes and any major disruptions in learning.

Upgrading technology in summer also gives you extra time to determine which devices, systems, and programs are best for desired educational outcomes for students.

Prepared for Learning

When school is back in session for the fall semester and hundreds of devices are being deployed at once, it can take a toll on your technology infrastructure if you don’t upgrade in time. The last thing districts want is to delay or halt learning because devices are outdated.

When districts upgrade their technology, they are doing more than getting the latest model or software — they are investing in the education of their students. By staying on top of your technology upgrades and using summer to prepare, this ensures your technology is well-equipped to handle the influx of usage once summer is over.

Planning Ahead

As school districts are adopting more technology and investing in new devices at an increasing rate, you must have a plan for tomorrow. A sustainable technology plan helps you purchase the right devices, sell them at the optimal point during their useful lifecycle, and reinvest those funds into the next generation of technology.

At Diamond Assets, we help you build a sustainable technology plan and serve as your device buyback partner, creating a seamless experience. When districts make the right investments, they can put significant money back into budgets and keep the best technology in the hands of students and staff.

Contact us at Diamond Assets to learn more about how our team of experts can help you create a long-term, sustainable technology plan that keeps your devices current and makes the most of summer break.

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