Winter is the Best Time to Upgrade Your School District’s Technology

Deciding on when you need to upgrade devices can be a challenge for almost all school districts. Striking the balance of keeping your technology up to date, but also getting the most value for it down the road is difficult.

At Diamond Assets, our team of professionals can provide insight to make the most informed decisions about your technology upgrades.

When looking at trends year-over-year, a consistent theme emerges: The best time to upgrade your devices is in the winter season.

It seems counter intuitive to upgrade devices in the winter as schools are in session and students are using devices, but by flipping your upgrade timeline from the summer to the off season, schools can see major benefits.

That is because nearly all school districts rush to sell their old devices at the end of the academic year. They are looking to make significant upgrades over the summer break, and this floods the market. That big rush can decrease resale value by as much at 15 percent.

If your school’s tech refresh is in the winter, or even the fall, you can get ahead of the depreciation and market downturn that happens when the market is flooded.

So how do you do this when you have students in the classroom? Our team of experts at Diamond Assets can quickly and accurately collect and refurbish old devices while implementing a new fleet in as little as two weeks. We have processes in place to limit any kind of disruption to the classroom.

This means that learning is not interrupted, and a mid-year refresh could lead to getting the best value for your current devices.

When you wait until summer to upgrade devices, this does a disservice to your budget, students, and staff. Instead, by keeping an eye on the market and making a proactive plan, you can make a purchase of opportunity and not one of desperation.

At Diamond Assets, we help you create a long-term sustainable technology plan that defines what devices to purchase, how long to use them, when to sell them for maximum value, and how to fund ongoing reinvestment in technology. Our Apple partnerships ensure you get the best new devices to meet your immediate needs as well as the highest future resale value.

Contact us to learn more about how our team of experts can help your school get a return on your current technology so you can upgrade to a new fleet.

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