Diamond Assets Receives “Business Friend of the Environment Award” by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce 

MILTON, Wis. (October 5, 2022) – Diamond Assets, one of the nation’s largest and most-trusted technology buyback partners serving schools, businesses, government agencies, and channel/leasing partners, announced that it has been named as a “Business Friend of the Environment” by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC). 

WMC is the combined state chamber and manufacturers’ association and for more than 30 years has presented these awards to companies which have demonstrated environmental leadership. The Business Friend of the Environment award highlights what Wisconsin companies are doing in the areas of sustainability, innovative technology, and environmental stewardship. The goal of this awards program is to demonstrate to state policymakers, businesses and the public that sound environmental practices are good for Wisconsin and its business environment. 

“We’re thrilled by this recognition as it goes to the very core of what we are about – providing sustainable technology solutions to schools and businesses while positively impacting our landfills,” said Diamond McKenna, CEO of Diamond Assets.  

Diamond Assets was recognized in the Environmental Stewardship category for small companies. Founded in 2014, Diamond Assets – now with 130 employees – saw a need for an electronic waste program that could accomplish environmental, community, and financial goals. It upcycles still-useable technology through refurbishment, providing otherwise unaffordable technology to individuals and organizations in need.  

The company also recycles unusable electronics to preserve resources like aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and ferrous metals. Through this recycling process, Diamond Assets is also able to divert toxic materials from landfills and protect against environmental damage. 

Diamond Assets provides consulting to schools, businesses, and government agencies to create plans that sustain the rapid growth of technology in an environmentally and financially friendly way. This education keeps 

electronics out of landfills and allows leaders to select technology systems that best fit their organizations. 

Diamond Assets has prevented more than 2 million devices from ending up in landfills, reducing GHG emissions by nearly 17 million pounds. 

“Wisconsin’s economy depends on industry leaders who go above and beyond to use sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices,” said WMC Director of Environmental & Energy Policy Craig Summerfield. “WMC is proud to recognize these companies who prioritize environmental protection as they grow their businesses and build Wisconsin’s future.” 


Diamond Assets is one of the most-trusted Apple technology buyback partners in the nation. Diamond Assets helps schools, businesses, and government agencies create sustainable plans that ensure equitable access to technology. Focused on transparent, reliable, and knowledgeable service, the Diamond Assets team helps customers develop sustainable technology plans, get the most value for their current Apple devices at their end of life to fund replacements, and feel secure that their devices have been responsibly upcycled or recycled.

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