Norman Public Schools Quickly Transitioned Devices with the Help of Diamond Assets

It’s no secret that Norman Public Schools (OK) are more than just an order number to Diamond Assets.

How do they know? Because when times got tough, Diamond Assets employees rolled up their shirtsleeves and got to work right at the school.

Chief Technology Officer Peter Liesenfeld thought he had more time to implement a technology swap until his district started working with Diamond. That’s when he realized the window to maximize their return on investment was quickly closing. So rather than trading in their aging fleet over the summer, when they had the luxury of time, Liesenfeld instead opted to do it during a short school break.

Norman Public Schools had just 15 days to do tagging and provision on 8,000 devices. It seemed like an impossible task, but the savings were so significant that Liesenfeld simply had to make it work. Diamond Assets was so committed to helping the District do it that they sent several employees to Oklahoma to boost manpower so Norman Public Schools would be ready to hand new devices to students when they returned from break.

For two weeks, Diamond joined Norman’s IT employees as they boxed up the old and unpackaged the new. They spent long days doing work that normally would take a couple of months – but they fit it into mere days.

By the end, however, every Norman school child was able to seamlessly transition back to their classroom and pick up where they left off with their new device. As for the District, Liesenfeld had made a financial choice that set his District up for the best possible technology planning moving forward for years to come.

It was a difficult transition, but it certainly was the right one. Liesenfeld said they couldn’t have done it without the support of Diamond Assets. They truly showed up when it mattered.

Peter Liesnfeld of Norman Oklahoma School District

Through Diamond Assets, we learned that there’s a financial sweet spot when it comes to refreshing your fleet. We found the financial upside to timing our buyback was well worth the time.”

Peter Liesenfeld, Chief Technology Officer, Norman Public Schools

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