International Trading Platform Awards Diamond Assets Certificate of Quality Distinction

Customers consistently cited positive interactions, quality of service

MILTON, Wis. (February 3, 2022) – Diamond Assets, one of the nation’s largest and most-trusted technology buyback partners serving schools, businesses, and government agencies, has been awarded a certificate of quality distinction from international trading platform Handelot.

The certificate is issued to members who trade upon the Handelot platform and whose customers and members cite continuous quality. Additionally, the certificate can be awarded to companies that have zero complaints for quality or customer service within a three-year time period.

“This certificate of distinction is a true testament to our values, work ethic, and commitment to integrity in everything we do,” said Diamond McKenna, president of Diamond Assets. “Our company is known on an international level for the quality of our work, and I couldn’t be prouder of the people and practices that make that possible.”

Customers consistently cited the quality of Diamond Assets product and business transactions, naming Diamond Assets as a First Class Business to operate and cooperate with when purchasing consumer electronics.

“Our business is built on making the world a better place, whether that’s through upcycling used technology, providing cost-beneficial equipment for a school, business or organization, or ensuring positive interactions in the process,” McKenna said. “We’re eager to continue our great work with Handelot and the international connections they can help Diamond Assets grow on.”

Handelot is a leading business to business enterprise where worldwide retailers, distributors and traders buy and sell new, used and refurbished consumer electronics. Diamond Assets has actively traded with Handelot since 2019.

Diamond Assets is one of the most trusted Apple technology buyback partners in the nation. Diamond Assets helps schools, businesses, and government agencies create sustainable plans that ensure equitable access to technology. Focused on transparent, reliable, and knowledgeable service, the Diamond Assets team helps customers develop sustainable technology plans, get the most value for their current Apple devices at their end of life to fund replacements, and feel secure that their devices have been responsibly upcycled or recycled.

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